Denario raises €1.3m to automate the B2B payments experience for small businesses.

3 min readJan 10, 2022

Business software expectations are changing and a seamless payments experience became the standard for almost any spend management and business banking solution. As a next step, it is our strong believe that business owners deserve more automation when it comes to managing their finances.

Here at Denario, we are building the future of integrated business-to-business payments for SMBs and Startups. Our mission is to consumarize the payments experience by giving it the same flexibility and speed that people are used to from their consumer payments experience.

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve raised €1.3m in venture funding led by 468 Capital, with participation from Presight Capital and MPGI, all of whom have deep experience in the B2B fintech space.

An interface that can simplify complexity.

Many small businesses have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic and business owners had to turn to banks and alternative lenders to meet their liquidity needs and assure business survival.

To keep a business running requires a diverse set of skills and the surge in European entrepreneurship should be supported and not hindered by complex business admin and outdated processes that only few of us fully understand.

At Denario, it is our goal to build products that work seamlessly. We start with a dashboard that is so simple that any business owner can use it without previous experience but yet offers so much connectivity and automation that any financial professional will love to use it as well.

Payments automation for small businesses.

Most businesses we speak to find it difficult to keep track of where their money is at between their bank accounts and other finance tools. They somehow find their way through various tools while managing their internal teams, business partners, and external accountants.

The level of complexity is especially high in monthly accounts payable and receivable where bank and card transactions have to be linked to their associated bills and cost centres, records have to be mapped to the right accounting entry and reporting often has to happen on a monthly basis in order to declare taxes.

That is why we are working hard on creating an experience that automates all of the above. A software that allows its users to simply write the words: “pay my bills” and then takes care of everything else without any need for additional information.

What is next?

Our vision extends beyond a pure payments platform. We envision a future where businesses can automate their financial processes more holistically without ever using traditional banking or financial admin tools. We aim to transform Denario into a community for businesses to connect, transact, and grow together. A place where finance becomes secondary and where business owners and finance professionals can make use of integrated products in a more human way.

If you are compelled by our vision, we would love to hear from you. Check out our website or drop us a line at




An integrated B2B payments experience for SMBs and Startups.